Graphic Design Project

Defending Freedom : Original poster layout.

Defending Freedom : Poster credits and contact sheet.

 Defending Freedom

Date Created : Spring 2014

Created for : Multimedia Graphics (GRA2130) - Palm Beach State College

About : This goal of this project was to create a collage a current-event or story, either to inform or question viewer perspective and/or perception, from a collage of images found online. 

The images I chose to incorporate illustrate the cause and effect  revolving around the event of 9/11 and individuals responsible for, or suspected involvement; including the aftermath and restrictions implemented since then, to the freedoms of American citizens have. The burning flames from the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights only covers those killed, not captured.


The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are meant to symbolize the twin towers, while the redactions within the Bill of Rights illustrates the freedoms slowly striped away from American freedoms, due to the various legislations enacted under the guide of the Patriot Act.


Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are included to illustrate the information afforded surveillance programs, under the Patriot Act and how they were used to monitor both Foreign and American citizens. The 'captured' and 'wanted' newspaper headings symbolize how these individuals are viewed by the American Government, due to the manner in which they brought these surveillance programs to the attention of the American Public.


The Statue of Liberty is used to illustrate a cautionary tale to the viewer about the choices we make now, that could impact our freedom in the near future.

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