Flash Animation : Sync Project

Admittedly I didn’t spend my whole weekend in FLASH, I had to spend an hour in Adobe Encore (or was it Audition) pulling the music and sound from a music file, in order to get the audio I used for my animation. I also spent time in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop doing a few touch-ups to the images I used for this particular project. I’m surprised there aren’t more ‘photo-realistic’ assets to use in FLASH animations … if there are, I certainly couldn’t find any.


In any case, included in this was a project for a course in Multimedia Animation ( GRA2160 ) at Palm Beach State College. The project required us to make a 10 second animation using either a classical image, or one that we created ourselves. Technically the only thing I made were the lashes and mouth animations, using resources online. The flowers used in the background and the woman were found from Alexia Sinclair’s website, specifically, the Rococo and Les Antoinettes collections (SOURCE)


There are beautiful images in her gallery, you should go look at them. They look surreal and almost dreamlike, with courtly grace and glamour.


In any case, I learned a lot about animatics and timing. Even though this particular animation isn’t extremely fluid and well-timed, its just a learning experiment for other projects that I can pursue. I may go back and update it once I get a better feel for mouth movements. I think part of the problem with this was that I used ‘too real’ a face. I probably should’ve used a cartoonish one instead.


Still, I’m pleased with how it came out.



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Source: https://alexiasinclair.com